Best of 2012

Best of may not really be an accurate title. Although we are definitely proud of all of these images, not all of them may be photographically “the best” – however these were the moments of 2012 that stood out for us. In no particular order, these are just some of our favorites (personal and professional) from 2012.

Venture_Photography_Best_of_2012 Venture_Photography_Best_of_2012 Venture_Photography_Best_of_2012 Venture_Photography_Best_of_2012

Craig & Jen’s Franklin Family Session

I love my job.  Most people aren’t so lucky, and I think knowing that gives me extra gratitude.  I love that we get to meet so many different people, and get to have a brief glimpse into their lives – and sometimes not so brief.  Sometimes we get to watch their families grow (and sometimes dwindle too and that part is particularly difficult for me).  I love that we get to create images that they will look at for years, and hopefully treasure for years as well.  But one of the very best parts of this job is when it reconnects me with people from my past to create these new memories for them.  Craig is one such person for me.  He was a counselor at the summer camp I attended as a child and then reconnected with on Facebook.  I always really liked Craig – he was just a good guy – so when he contacted me about doing a family session I was excited to reconnect.  Meeting and photographing his family was an honor and a pleasure – and gave me another reason to love what we do!



Kate & Kids Grosse Pointe Family Session

I am so way overdue on blogging a zillion things from this season and I tried hard to stay on top of blogging for the first half of the season and then other things took over. If you know me, then you’ll know that I’ve had bigger fish to fry for the last few months – but have still been shooting lots and working hard on our clients images and our business! Anyways, I am hoping to get caught up on blogging over the next few months, but I wanted to make sure to get these images up for one of our most favorite families! Kate is a total sweetheart, and as you can see – she’s got some pretty adorable kids too!




I can’t believe it’s April!!!! 2011 Highlights (better late than never…)

Hugh had been  updating our site and moving things over and told me not to blog and the next thing I know – it’s April and I am super behind!  You can always check our Facebook page, as that is usually more up to date – but I am going to attempt to get our blog caught up…so without further ado, here are the 2011 Highlights.  You can see the entire collection(s) on our FB page.